Mark Segal - Career Highlights
1970-1974 Boston University School of Fine and Applied Arts - (BFA degree)   -  1974-1976 Actor
(and sometimes stage crew) with:
New England Repertory Theatre (MA), Hartman Theatre Company (Conn), Continental Theatre Company (touring)
and Hedgerow Theatre (PA)

Started the Puppet Theatre in 1977
My first client was Strawbridge & Clothier (a Philadelphia area department store), and I played for them for 20 years  
including: store openings, special events,
Holiday Puppet Repertory  (Thanksgiving - December) and Breakfast with Santa.

In 1986 developed
Tooth Buddy Tales©
a sponsored dental education and awareness program that is available today.

Yes I Can - a health literacy program sponsored by Health Partners.
2000 - 2001 - performer (puppets only not the voices) and puppet builder for Socks 1 & 2 a commercial for the Daily
News, written by David Blazek.
1996 - built
Icky Licky Lead - a lead poisoning awareness and prevention program, commissioned by the Philadelphia
Clean Air Council for the State of Delaware.
1987-1991 Represented Hoeganese Corp. at the Society of Automotive Engineer (S.A.E) trade show in Detroit, MI.
1990-1991 - a featured performer for Kidwaves Radio Network (pilot production)
1980's - performer and designer for nutritional videos produced by Ara Food Services (now Aramark) (one video won
a Golden Reel of Merit Award).

1977 - Present - hundreds of other performances and shows; public, private, trade shows and special events  
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