Miles in the Heart of the Forest
Follow the adventures of Miles, a young boy, and
Birdy, a bird left alone in the forest and unable to fly.  
Friendship blossoms between Miles and Birdy upon
the discovery that Birdy is flightless. Once the bird
learns to fly however, Miles must accept Birdy’s need
for flight, and let him go. It is here Miles learns the
“heart” of the matter -that by admitting their
differences -one lives in the air and the other upon the
ground- they both can remain true friends through
acceptance and celebration of those differences. For
the very young, it is a story of friendship through
nature, for those older it is about the nature of
friendship. So travel along in this 40-minute interactive
puppet adventure of friendship and love through song
and action. You just might find when if you set
something free, it will come back to you forever.
Copyright © 2008 Segal Puppet Theatre & Company