Silly Side Show Circus
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, step right this
way into the silliest circus of fools and fond delights
featuring Ringmaster Maestro Magnifico, his clown
Binky, and sidekick Scuppers the Parrot. Meet a
Strongman who finds out where his true strength really
lies. Witness a Lion Tamer whose “lion” might be too
tame to train, then gather wisdom of all things future
from “The Unfortunate Fortune Teller”. Finally, you will
perform some magic with Malarkey the Magician to
place his assistant “The Shrinking Violet” into a deep
trance preparing her for some mind boggling levitation.
Forty minutes of unforgettable interactive surprises
perfect for preschoolers and families alike.
Copyright © 2008 Segal Puppet Theatre & Company