Copyright © 2008 Segal Puppet Theatre & Company
Originally based on an East European folktale about an
unloved ogre, this 40 minute interactive puppet show
has gone through another generation of change thanks
to the “love” given to its title character
by audiences ages 2-5.

Specifically designed with activities that can be done by
the very young (“ABC Song“, spelling and clapping
activities), this puppet show explores the idea that we all
grow and learn even when we don’t know it.

Against the backdrop of getting ready for a celebration
party, Rodney, Monroe, Sweeper, and other puppet
friends find Ropenose -a character originally thought to
be made up by a storytelling uncle -to be a real
character that is in need of being loved and included.
Once we find out love can conquer all, thanks to the
help of the children, all are invited to share in the big